What is Agnisumukh?

Agnisumkh (ag-ni-su-moo-kh) means “The good face of fire” in Sanskrit. Agnisumukh, is start up firm in Clean & Green Energy Sector based out of Bangalore. Agnisumukh comprises former civil servant, reputed culinary experts and entrepreneurs and most importantly a woman leads it.

Carbon soot, extreme ambient heat and fuel efficiency are the critical problems in every commercial kitchen. Besides addressing these challenges, Agnisumukh has a vision of providing “Clean & Green Energy Efficient Heating Solutions, through LPG/CNG/PNG and Bio-Methane”.

Agnisumukh manufactures commercial kitchen gas appliances from cooking ranges to steam boilers where gas saving is beyond 30% and it is 50% more thermal efficient than any burner in the market [Thermal efficiency of our burners is 69% as against the existing 36-45% under IS 14612]. The technology primarily involves converting blue flame into radiant heat, akin to charcoal heat, without generating any carbon soot.

Recognizing the vast potential this burner holds in reducing carbon footprints and for the contribution it can make in Clean & Green Energy Efficient Solutions, this innovation was declared as the National Winner from India in Global Cleantech Innovation Programme 2015 partnered by United Nations and MSME. It also won the GOLD Medal in DST- Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme-2015.

What is unique about the new innovation?

As a natural property flame and heat have a tendency to accumulate at the center. We have innovated a mechanism in gas burners that regulates this natural tendency and spreads the flame evenly as a thin layer. This thin layer produces flameless, smokeless, noiseless radiant heat with very high thermal efficiency. Food evenly cooked on this thin sheet of radiant heat without burning, renders moisture retention in every molecule. This process makes food healthy and tasty.

What are the problems in cooking on conventional blue flame LPG commercial stove?

Conventional blue flame LPG stove provides heat at the centre which gives rise to different heat zones in the same vessel. Cooking in these stoves burns the food at the centre due to high gas pressure which invariably results in using up the foods moisture.

This phenomenon is quite contrary to tasty and healthy cooking where food is evenly cooked without burning and also retains maximum moisture in food after cooking.

Why vessels need to be horizontal type and not vertical type?

Traditionally in India, while cooking horizontal vessels like Urli, Lagan & Degh were used on charcoal heat, where food cooked fast which was tasty and healthy. The low height vessel ensured that cooking: –

  • Need uniform heat across the vessel
  • In each layer,can withstand certain amount of weigh above it
  • Need space for horizontal and vertical expansion.

This is the exact problem in conventional blue flame LPG stove because it can only give concentric heat at the centre of a vessel. Since it could not provide uniform heat across the vessel got designed vertically contrary to the requirement of good cooking practice.

How is Agnisumukh better than existing forms of heat systems?

Cooking is a process where heat is transferred into the food matter at a desired temperature within a desired time. Here we explain why intense radiant heat cooking is more reliable that the other modes of cooking.


  • Gas/Kerosene Stove: In this method heat is transferred by burning the bottom of the vessel which in turns passes heat to food. The deficiency in this case is that heat is concentrated at centre than on the sides. So, inconsistent taste
  • Steam Boiler: Steam produces a constant amount of high intensity heat (540K/cubic inch). Every food particle has its own temperature for cooking to optimum taste. But steam cooks everything with same intensity and this can be observed while cooking in a pressure cooker or steam boilers
  • Microwave: It is a process of cooking through tiny waves which create heat. Microwaves cook the entire matter with same intensity. It is unsafe to cook certain type of food like eggs.
  • Induction: It is a process of cooking through tiny magnetic waves which create heat. In this form we require iron vessels .Here too certain material like an egg will literally explode.
  • Cooking on Charcoal -Heated Air or Convection: Cooking on charcoal directly or through fuel wood has been the best experience. In this form of cooking the charcoal is spread matching the girth of the vessel. There is a gap between the vessel and the charcoal. This process results in having uniform high intensity .

The Agnisumukh method of cooking provides the 5th form. Due to presence of uniform radiant heat underneath a vessel every type of food is cooked in its required temperature. These observable facts make Agnisumukh a better form of heat system.

How do you claim that Agnisumukh technology has addressed the problem associated with use of charcoal?

Agnisumukh presents radiant heat technology just like charcoal heat through LPG. Food will be delicious as there will be uniform radiant heat underneath the entire girth of a vessel. With years of research the team has overcome the inherent problems associated with the use of charcoal in terms of safety, optimum utilisation of fuel and as a source of clean and green energy.

How can you claim that Agnisumukh technology consumes less LPG when compared with the conventional blue flame technology?

In industrial cooking the pressure of gas in the blue flame technology is around 200 millibar with low intensity heat generated from blue flame. Whereas in our technology there is tremendous heat enhancement at a low gas pressure leading to lesser quantum of consumption of LPG. Hence it saves not only LPG but also cooking time

How do you claim to be clean and green technology?

Our devices during combustion, produces absolutely flameless energy driven by LPG. There is no accumulation of black soot outside the vessel which means that every ounce of fuel is getting fully utilised.

Even inside the vessel the food gets cooked with its own moisture while retaining its natural colour indicative of the fact that food has not accumulated any carbon during the cooking process. The resulting dish is tasty and completely healthy.

Agnisumukh technology is affordable due to the significant reduction in LPG consumption. This is a fillip to charcoal and fuel wood users to shift to LPG, thereby bringing down the pressure on forest for fuel wood facilitating a clean and green technology.

The absence of carbon soot also ensures that the vessels do not blacken , resulting in savings in water and detergent for cleaning.

How do you claim that you are pioneer in the world for this technology in Industrial Kitchen Equipment? Have you patented the technology?

The Agnisumukh invention is a totally homegrown technology developed for past eight years as a response to finding an alternative to charcoal heat. We are pioneers in the application of Agnisumukh technology in industrial kitchen. Our technology has been brought within the ambit of Indian Patent Laws in the year 2012 and 2014.

What is the concept of cooking from the top and how does Agnisumukh achieve it?

A true Master chef will strive to cook the food in its own moisture while retaining its original flavor and texture.. Since the blue flame was amenable only for cooking beneath a vessel the moisture would escape from above. During our research we observed that when heat is given from top, the moisture flows to the bottom of the vessel resulting in the food material cooking in its own moisture. Our team has designed equipment which can be placed on top of the lid of any vessel thus generating intense radiant heat from top.

What are Far Infra Red rays and how are they connected to your technology?

Infra Red Rays are part of the spectrum of light and has three types of rays based on its frequencies: NEAR, MIDDLE and FAR. The frequencies of electromagnetic waves in Far Infra Red Rays are between the ranges of 5-40 microns which are smaller than microwave in its frequency and bandwidth. The radiation with this frequency of energy converts a drop of water molecule into tiny atoms which not only cooks the tiniest molecule butl also disinfects the matter from any bacteria. No other medium of heat has such a far reaching effect than cooking through far infra red frequencies.

This energy is harnessed by Agnisumukh technology for cooking healthy food. The principle source of Far Infra Red Energy is the sun. Every particle on this planet receives, stores and reflects only infra red energy. An interesting fact is that we all need farinfra redradiation.. So, standing before our stove/oven while cooking re-introduces Vitamin- D in our bodies which is derived from the energy of the SUN.

What kitchen equipments are based on Agnisumukh technologies?

Any kitchen equipment using LPG is relevant to be driven by Agnisumukh technology. So Cooking Ranges of any size, Tandoor Oven, Baking Oven, Barbecues, Pizza Oven, Tilting Pans, Dosa Stove, Idli Chambers, Steam Generators, Baine Marie, Fryers, Warmers, etc. are the kitchen equipment relevant for our technology

Is Agnisumukh technology relevant only for cooking or does it have multiple applications?

Agnisumukh technology addresses any procedure which uses electricity and gas for heating solutions. Its scope of application can be beyond cooking as more than 40% of LPG and natural gas around the globe uses blue flame for central heating. The other application areas are Room heaters, Sauna chambers, Dehumidifiers, Sanitization/ fumigation, Sterilization of medical equipments, Drying chambers, paint booths, Industrial & Domestic Boilers, etc.

What is the life of the burner? What are the maintenance issues?

Agnisumukh gives the warranty of one year. As about the life of the burner, only the ceramic plates have to be changed at a very affordable cost. All these factors give a long life to burner, estimated to be more than a decade

There are no maintenance problems in our burner as the heat produced by it is in the range of 600 to 900 degrees which is enough for incinerating the toughest meat and so any food particle will be burnt leaving the burner free of residue.

Is A-la-Carte and Chinese cooking possible in Agnisumukh technology?

The usual sight of a chef while preparing Al-a-Carte and Chinese cooking is the movement of pan forward and backward in a linear motion. This is reduced drastically while using an Agnisumukh device

As our devices cook food on radiant heat and not on pressurized flame as in conventional cooking, the chef can gently stir the food for even cooking.

Are there any certifications and standards needed for domestic and industrial Kitchen Equipment?

In India certification through ISI 4246 standard is applied only to domestic stove. There are no standards for industrial equipment because the standards are applied only till 30 millibar gas pressure. Since industrial application are beyond the prescribed pressure there are no certifications which is applicable and relevant.

What is the future of the new technology?

The team of Agnisumukh strongly believe that any technology which saves fuel and is clean and green will address the needs of our future generations completely. Our technology cooks tastier and healthier food as well as being affordable to the common man.

Can old kitchen equipments be redesigned to your technology?

Food cooks tastier when there is uniform heat beneath the vessel. The present blue flame burner provides only heat at the centre that is why vessels are designed to suit the stove. Whereas at Agnisumukh our stoves are designed to suit the vessel. So it is not possible to fix the Agnisumukh burner to the existing kitchen equipment as:

  • Agnisumukh technology is based on low pressure gas whereas the existing technology is on high pressure. This fact makes the entire design of the kitchen equipment different from the present one.
  • Agnisumukh burner needs a standard distance which is completely different from the present structure.
  • The Agnisumukh stove will be fitted with auto ignition and a flame failure device which again needs special realignment. Hence the mechanism to put the stove on and off will be a different from conventional stoves.
  • The new equipment is commercially viable as it could be bought from the savings made in the gas bill in one year itself.. The year of purchase is the only year of expenditure as the user will have phenomenal savings from the next year as the capital expenditure is usually amortized for depreciation purpose for a period of 10 years. Therefore the net savings in real money terms runs into huge sums , besides the technology is safe, clean and green.
  • It is our company policy to sell cooking equipment and not stand alone burners to be fixed in equipment because at Agnisumukh, we dream of giving the joy of new experience to every customer in his quest for tasty, affordable and energy efficient cooking.
What is the company’s mission?

Our mission is to complete the FOOD CIRCLE ,i.e.,the entire process which makes Indian cooking complete and make it available at International platform. The food circle comprises of preserving our Indian Recipe, provide the platform of radiant heat of charcoal on LPG and finally to research and bring back every type of traditional vessel used in Indian cooking on the modern platform of LPG.

Do you have necessary infrastructure to meet the demands of the business?

After researching for more than eight years on radiant heat, our team has developed the technology to implement around the globe on commercial scale. We are adequately equipped to handle production of any scale. We also have experts in kitchen equipment manufacturing for more than a decade. Our project is also headed by professionals who are not only passionate about the whole concept and technology but have been working for years in clean and green energy.