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Agnisumukh in Sanskrit means “The Good Face of Fire.” Agnisumukh innovation is an award winning concept at National and International Forums. It was formed in the year 2015. The concept took birth in the backyard of our kitchen. It was result of an intellectual enquiry as to how to bring back finger licking taste of grandmothers traditional cooking on modern fuel platform.

We manufacture energy efficient kitchen equipment powered by gas fuel. Our burners produce uniform radiant heat just like charcoal heat which is flameless, smokeless, and noiseless.


Transform lives by providing clean, green, energy efficient heating solutions across gas fuels.



To transform  cuisine experience by bringing back Indian traditional method of cooking on charcoal heat to modern fuel platform. Our innovation in gas fuel technology shall provide uniform radiant heat by overcoming problems of conventional blue flame gas burners. We resolve to transform kitchen by reducing carbon soot, extreme heat and significant efforts in cook pot washing.

Our commitment is to save gas fuel and ensure the safest technology with maintenance free devices. Our aim is to provide dedicated service to our clients round the clock. We promise to deliver cutting edge technology to common man at affordable prices. Mitigating problems of climate change by reducing carbon footprints is our vow.

Our aim is to continuously innovate through a robust R&D for bringing our path breaking solutions to other industrial heat applications. We strive to become a pioneer global brand in providing total kitchen solutions across gas heat applications.

Why Agnisumukh?

Concept Of Innovation

As a natural property flame and heat have a tendency to accumulate at the centre. Our burners regulate this natural tendency and spread the flame evenly as a thin layer. This thin layer produces flameless, smokeless, noiseless radiant heat with very high thermal efficiency.

Our devices cook through uniform heat without burning, while retaining the moisture of the food thus ensuring tastier and healthier food. Our innovation works on convection cum radiant heat which has far infrared rays, capable of penetrating even  the tiniest water molecules and passing heat through them. Our innovation supports cooking on all gas based fuels – LPG, Natural Gas and Bio-Methane.

Radiant heat is a potent energy on gas fuel but when it is obstructed leads to backfire. The burners used in Shawrama Equipment are available on external combustion without obstruction but with small burner format. Agnisumukh innovation has evolved a method of obstructing this potent energy without any backfire. Our innovation works both on external combustion and internal combustion platform ranging from small to large format burners.

Agnisumukh innovation has literally reversed the existing commercial gas fuel science which is based on linear vertical flame on high gas pressure. The gas burner is low on thermal efficiency (36-45% under IS 14612) generating carbon soot leading to daily maintenance.

Agnisumukh innovative burners produce horizontal uniform radiant heat on low gas pressure. The burners are high on thermal efficiency (68.9% under IS 14612) which does not generate any carbon soot leading to absolutely no daily maintenance.

Here’s Why The Best Always Choose Us

Upon Observing The Radiant Heat Burners For More Than 5 Months, I Have Reached The Conclusion, That Agnisumukh Radiant Heat Burners Are The Quintessential Burners For Indian Cuisine.

Montu Saini

Executive Chef, Rashtrapathi Bhavan

Health Friendly Stove For The Range Chefs – Heat Transformation From The Stove To The Chef’s Abdomen Area Is Absent


Executive Chef, The Atria Hotel - Bengaluru

We have noticed a clear 30% saving in Gas. The quality, taste and nutrition food cooked on radiant heat platform is superior to food cooked on conventional burners.


Manjit Gill

Corporate Chef, ITC Hotels

We Have Noticed Considerable Savings In Water And Detergent As There Is No Blackening Of Vessels.

K. Ramamurthy

Managing Director, Konark Group of Hotels

Great Service Back Up From Agnisumukh Team, Really Helps With End Customers.

Som Narayan

Director, Carbon Masters

Tonnes Per Anum Decrease In Carbon Emissions

Trees Increase Green Cover


Contribution To India's Target Of Greenhouse Emissions

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