Unleashing the Power of Fire!

Unleashing the Power of Fire!

When man learnt to cook is when he truly became human. The sheer energy that Fire radiates, purifies all that comes to contact with its flames. Fire is not just an element of nature, but the primary element with the power to infuse or diffuse other elements – Water, Earth, Air & Space. While all elements are essential to life, it is Fire alone that reigns supreme because of its sacred purity. Its discovery has transformed multiple aspects to mankind, especially that of food. Suddenly food was no longer just for survival. The act of consuming something raw and primitive turned into a sensory experience that enriched the body and soul.  Across the world, people have created their own cooking rituals to achieve authentic flavors that are true to their identity. We believe in transforming this experience and retain the quality of food without proven traditional methods but a simple love for creation. Unique sensory experiences can be achieved with a balance of disruptive thinking and a desire to be original.

Agnisumukh seeks to venerate the good side of fire so as to bring the other elements in unity while cooking a wholesome meal. By breaking the notion of conventional cooking techniques by innovative & controlled use of Fire, it offers a global sensory experience while highlighting the local identity, our identity.

Patented radiant heat technology for cooking and heating solutions!

From the kitchen in the backyard in 2006, we have come a long way!

The good side of ‘FIRE’ is radiant heat that generates Far Infra-red Rays (FIR). FIR is the most potent energy format to transmit heat into the smallest water molecule from 300 GHz to 430 THz. These waves cook food uniformly without burning and retain maximum moisture in food even after cooking. FIR belongs to the good spectrum of light that was discovered by NASA as the safest and
most beneficial light wave to have healing properties.

To what started, as a mere intellectual inquiry into gourmet cooking, led us to innovate traditional cooking through radiant heat on a modern fuel platform.

Agnisumukh is a multiple award winning clean-tech start-up from Bangalore in India driven by innovation, design and technology to manufacture total solutions for radiant heat applications driven by LPG, Natural gas & Bio gas. We contribute to 15 of 17 SDG of UN Agenda – 2030 in “transforming our world”.

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