Gas Stoves are still on manual mode whereas microwave and induction cook stoves have been automat- ed, Agnisumukh’s immediate focus through its R&D is to bring smart system through automation in gas fuel technology.
Our R&D team has strategically tied up for joint research programs with LPG Equipment Research Centre, A joint undertaking of Oil majors in India. Our research team is also creating partners with institutions for other heat applications.

Flashy tossing of food in a pan, followed by fire enveloping is a visual treat by a chef, but the truth remains that, in the gourmet world nothing can replace “cooking on slow heat.” The bane of fast cooking on intense fire is that the surface moisture immediately depletes and the internal water molecules are still in the state of rest. The result is that the food may appear to be cooked but disappointment reap- pears when the gourmet digs into the food.
The science of slow heat can be best understood by watching a frog jumping out when thrown into hot water but unconditionally surrenders to get cooked when the temperature of water slowly starts rising. “Apple falls when it’s ripe” denotes that an apple taste’s best when it ripens naturally. Any process which delays or advances the processcannevermakeanappletastierthanitsnaturalprocess. Thisparablewasnar- ratedtomebyagreat master of World Chef Society in a gastronomical congregation. It was in reference to the new generation of Chefs who are losing patience while cooking and sidelining the fact that cooking process also takes its natural time to reach its peak.
The science of slow heat thrives on the principle that heightened temperature creates resistance and slow heat does the opposite. Food particle is a live matter having its own moisture when cooked at a particular temperature for a particular time. While cooking tasty and nutritious food, it is necessary that food particles should rest in peace, which can happen only when it is cooked in its zone of temperature and in its own time.
Fruits, vegetables and meat entice anyone when it appears fresh and juicy. Why? The molecular struc- ture of the matter is fully alive as it is embedded with uniform water molecules in these items. The ultimate test of a Grand Master is his ability to cook the food evenly in such a manner that even heat is passed to every molecule of water.
Amritsari Chole, Dal-Makhani, Paya and other finger licking delicacies tasted on old city streets still bear a strong imprint in our mind and soul. It is not because it had secret ingredients, but were cooked with all the respect the cuisine deserved by the great Masters at work. In these busy streets, the Ustads (Masters) cooked Indian breads on charcoal ovens. While closing for the day, they would put all the ingredients in a cook pot and leave the pot on the residue dry heat for the entire night. When they arrived in the morn- ing, the food, as if by magic, would have transformed into a finger licking delicacy. This is precisely absent in the modern day cooking though we have better ingredients but totally lack the concept of dry heat slow cooking.
The modern day platform on gas fuel is designed for conduction heat. The pressurised centric heat provides uneven heat in a cook pot. As the blue flame could not provide uniform heat across the base of the cook pot, it was designed vertically. With the present vertical design of the cook pot, several layers of food are placed one over the other beyond the threshold weight of the food particle. Any live matter, including human beings, have a threshold limit to carry weight upon them or they will get crushed. This phenomenon is a big challenge in present day cooking as food does not get space for horizontal and vertical expansion while cooking.
In the gourmet world, it is a well-known fact that the best cook pot is of low height and wide girth for horizontal cooking on convection and uniform radiant heat, like charcoal. The heat dynamics and the design of the cook pot allows the food matter to expand vertically and horizontally and it does not get crushed with the excess weight placed above it. At the end the cooked meal delights the senses when served on a plate by giving the best taste and nutrition to every guest when served.
At Agnisumukh, we understand that the gourmet world needs a cooking platform with uniform radiant heat which can bring back the low height horizontal cook pot, for tastier and nutritious cooking. Matching their dreams, we have innovated and designed a cook stove where burners produce convection cum radiant heat emitting far infrared rays just like charcoal. Far infrared rays are more potent than micro- wave and induction waves as it operates at a frequency of 300GHz to 30 THz. The frequency of micro- wave and induction is between 300 MHz to 300GHz. Far Infrared rays also belong to the zone of good spectrum of light which has proven healing power besides cooking the food faster and retaining the food’s natural moisture.
In search of excellence in cooking, the journey of a Chef ends with the Agnisumukh platform as it pro- vides the entire horizon of experience connected with “food par excellence” and exactly matches with each interest connected with the cooking process. This is why AGNISUMUKH is a wholesome concept transforming lives in any commercial kitchen.

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