Innovate | Disrupt | Transform

Innovate | Disrupt | Transform


Our innovation unearthed the technique of our grandma’s magic which was created by cooking on charcoal, practiced centuries ago. Our goal was to recreate the same culinary experience and taste of cooking on charcoal on a modern gas fuel platform.

As a natural tendency, flame and heat tend to accumulate at the centre. Our burners regulate this natural tendency and spread the flame evenly and uniformly across the burner. Our burners are flameless, smokeless, noiseless and produce uniform radiant heat just like charcoal heat emitting far-infrared rays. The device has been tested and certified by LERC at a thermal efficiency, under IS 14612, between 65-68.9% as against conventional commercial gas burners with efficiency rating between 36-45%.

Agnisumukh manufactures commercial kitchen equipment ranging from clean cook stoves to steam boilers driven by innovative, energy efficient radiant heat gas burner systems.


In a conventional burner system, the cook pot has to suit the burner as the gas fuel platform emits pressurised vertical linear flame producing carbon soot. The good practice of a traditional charcoal cookstove also was based on a burner design suiting the cook pot emitting flameless horizontal, convection cum radiant heat.

Agnisumukh has built an energy efficient burner system that reverses the conventional gas fuel mechanism. The burner not only suits the cook pot but also emits flameless horizontal radiant heat at a low gas pressure without producing any carbon soot. Agnisumukh’s innovation has set benchmarks in radiant heat technologies with a potential to disrupt the entire platform driven by gas fuel.


Carbon soot and extreme heat are creating nightmares in commercial kitchens besides other challenges of preserving nutrition in food, keeping pots and pans clean, safety, fuel saving, conservation of water, power, daily maintenance of burners and exhaust system. The blue flame commercial gas burners create these problems due to pressurised heat at the centre of the cook pot, where  moisture of food is used up and food gets burnt.

Agnisumukh’s innovation mitigates all the above challenges and brings transformation –

 By preserving nutrition to keep food healthy.
 By eliminating carbon soot, lowering ambient heat and reducing gas
pressure to keep the kitchen staff healthy.
 By saving on gas fuel, water, detergent and power to keep the business
 By saving foreign exchange on gas fuel, to keep our nation healthy.
 By reducing carbon footprint for all gas fuel applications to make our
globe healthy.

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