The globe is moving towards cleaner, greener, energy efficient sustainable technologies. Agnisumukh innovation not only provides energy efficient, clean and green solutions but works on all forms of fuel like LPG, PNG & Bio-Gas.
India has recorded 9 lakh deaths per annum due to carbon mono-oxide poisoning emitted from unclean cook stoves. By implementing our platform we would be decreasing carbon emissions by 10 million tonnes per annum which is equivalent to 50% of India’s pledge to bring down the greenhouse gases by year 2020. This translates to increasing the Green cover by 45 crore trees. Highest Energy Efficiency in renewable fuel.


Agnisumukh is a proven platform on – LPG, Natural Gas and Biogas with differential purity. Natural gas and conventional Biogas belong to the methane family which is a lighter gas. The thermal efficiency of a methane burner is low when compared with the Agnisumukh burner.
The world is moving towards renewable energy sources and consumers globally are conscious about their carbon footprints. In this scenario many corporates, restaurants and commercial establishments are investing in biogas plants and Bio-CNG.

Biogas is a mixture of different gases produced by breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be produced from raw material like agricultural waste, municipal waste, plant and food waste etc.
Biogas is primarily Methane(CH4) and Carbon-di-0xide(Co2) and small amounts of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). Biogas is available in different purity levels ranging from 50% purity to over 90% methane.

The many challenges of using conventional Blue Flame burners on Biogas fuel are:

  • Variable heat and temperature output
  • It does not eliminate the smell of rotten eggs from H2S which can numb the senses at higher ppm, as it is a toxic gas.
  • Needs a certain pressure to be maintained for operating
  • Cannot be easily switched to LPG whenever required
  • Must shut down operations during biogas plant maintenance

Agnisumukh mitigates these challenges as it the only burner available in the market which can:

  • Provide excellent heat and temperature output of over 800 degrees
  • Work as a dual fuel burner as it operates efficiently on biogas as well as LPG.
  • Safer and healthier: It eliminates H2S and smell of rotten eggs is absent.
  • Operates efficiently on low gas pressure.
  • Can be easily switched to LPG
  • Need not be shut down during biogas plant maintenance as it can be immediately switched to LPG -Agnisumukh burners also tackle the problem of hydrogen sulphide which produces a smell of rotten eggs leading to a numbing of the senses.

All these advantages make Agnisumukh equipment the preferred choice for customers opting for Clean and Green energy fuel for their cooking needs. Gas stoves are still on manual mode and bringing auto- mation is the priority for the Agnisumukh R&D team
The Renewable energy technologies provide an excellent opportunity for mitigation of greenhouse gas emission and reducing global warming through substituting conventional energy sources. Agnisumukh is the leader in the commercial kitchen equipment market on the energy efficiency space.


While cooking on gas fuel, a person usually touches the cook pot in order to know how much heat is inside it. But while cooking on the Agnisumukh stoves, cook pots are usually hot inside and colder out- side as the burners emit Far Infra Red rays. These rays operate at a frequency of 300 Giga Hertz to 30 Terra Hertz. NASA discovered that FIR is invisible light which is the safest, most beneficial light wave. Microwave and Induction operate only at a frequency of 300 Mega Hertz to 300 Giga Hertz. Microwave needs transparent cook pots, and Induction needs a metal medium for its magnetic waves. But on Agni- sumukh burners, there are no such restrictions as it works on all varieties of cook pots.

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